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Crypto Fintech Law

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Crypto Fintech Law provides Legal, compliance, planning and related services for startups, established companies and (individuals) who are in or are wanting to get into the blockchain and or cryptocurrency space. 

Your Protection and Compliance is Our Priority

Our group can take care of your structuring, legal, compliance, and defense if necessary, for your blockchain and cryptocurrency company. We provide services for companies being formed and for existing companies of any size wanting to get into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Let our group of professionals take care of the wording, structuring, accounting, KYC and other important details so you can focus on getting your ideas off the ground and into operation and or growing your business. 

Good sound professional advice will minimize you and your project’s financial risk and help you avoid future problems.  

– Madaleine Mulrey

Setup, Compliance & Legal Protection

Blockchain Company Formation

Advisement by  experienced consultants, and set up by attorneys specializing in corporate formation for the blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. Getting it right from the start will help you avoid serious problems and costs later on.

Blockchain  Legal Consultations

Need to know anything about the laws or ideal structuring for a blockchain, cryptocurrency; STO, ICO, IEO or cryptocurrency exchange formation and operations? We’ll connect you with a top blockchain lawyer who can advise you on how to make the safest decisions.

Crypto Fintech Wording

White papers with a legal review, created by a team of professional technical writers and reviewed by an experienced blockchain attorney, for as little at $2000 USD.  We also can do thorough reviews of the contents of existing; white papers, websites and documents to make sure that you’re not exposing yourself and others to unnecessary legal risks.

Need a Project Legal Consultant?

Launching a cryptocurrency exchange? Our group has experience of doing them for multiple clients.

Have you done everything that you need to do to make sure what you’re offering will either not be a security or all the things which you need to do to be within compliance for a security token offering (STO)? Contact us to discuss the various advantages, disadvantages, options, and strategies which are available for doing a security token offering (STO), non-security token offering (ICO), or an initial exchange offering (IEO).

We can help you with all the legal and compliance aspects for any blockchain or cryptocurrency related project.

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Want to Join Us

Want to Join Us

Are you an attorney or who wants to become part of our team? Use the contact form, or connect with Madaleine Mulrey on LinkedIn to discuss possible positions or partnerships.

~ Madaleine Mulrey ~

Need development or intergration help?

Our technical partner recommendation is Blockchain Developer.

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