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Crypto Fintech Law

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Good sound legal advise will minimize your project’s financial risk and help you avoid future problems.

– Madaleine Mulrey

Your Protection and Project’s Compliance Is Our Priority

Have us take care of the wording, structuring and other important details so you can focus on getting your ideas off the ground and into operation.

Legal Services

Crypto Law Consultations

As a client you can ask us anything you want to know about the legalities related to your blockchain, cryptocurrency, STO or ICO project and we will advise on how to make safer decisions.

Crypto Fintech Wording Review

We do thorough reviews of the contents of; white papers, websites and documents to make sure that you’re not exposing yourself and others to unnecessary legal risks.

Trial Law & Defense

Already in trouble? Let us help you navigate the system in ways which will give you the best possible outcome. If going to trail to fight for you is the best option, we’ll do it.

Need a Consultant?

Have you done everything that you need to do to make sure what you’re offering will either not be a security, or done all the things which you need to do to be within compliance for a security token offering (STO)?

As your consultant we can discuss the various options and strategies which are available for doing a security token offering, non security token offering, or other any other blockchain related project.

Technical Affiliates

Token Developer

Token Developer

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Developer




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Want to Join Us

Want to Join Us

Are you an attorney who wants to become part of our team? Use the contact form, or connect with Madaleine Mulrey on LinkedIn to discuss possible positions or partnerships.

~ Madaleine Mulrey ~